Jackson Park Bushcare Group Webpage

Jackson Park is a beautiful bushland Reserve and Park located on the corner of Wigram Road and Sir Henry’s Parade, Faulconbridge and almost opposite the Corridor Of Oaks.  The Park is popular with local residents and visitors and the bushland Reserve includes a circuit track that winds its way through a range of natural areas.    

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Jackson Park Bushcare Group over a number of years, the bushland areas of this Reserve are now in predominantly good health, so most of the work that is now undertaken is monitoring and maintaining past efforts.  

The main areas that the Bushcare Group work are along the Park lawn/bushland edge, road edges, track entrance areas, around private land boundaries and along the top areas of the drainage lines and the creek.  Once a year, the Bushcare Group also checks the creek and main drainage line for some distance into the Reserve.  Substantial amounts of Privet, Crofton Weed, Trad, Spider Plant, Asparagus Fern and Cape Ivy have been removed or treated from various parts of the site over the years.  

Weeding and mulching along the lawn edge around plantings Photo: Council
Removing Galium (Bedstraws) in the upper drainage line off Sir Henry’s Parade Photo: Council

As Jackson Park is now on a maintenance level and to provide some other varied work options/challenges, the Bushcare Group now works at other areas in the same catchment/local vicinity of Jackson Park on a cyclic basis.  Those areas include the remnant bushland areas under the pedestrian overpass on the southern side of the Faulconbridge Railway Station and the bushland edges of the Faulconbridge Cemetery.  This work removes or reduces the infestation of some serious weeds in those areas that could spread to nearby bushland and private lands and also improves the aesthetics of those places.  In the future, the Bushcare Group may also consider working at another large bushland Reserve near the corner of Crane Street and Macquarie Road, Springwood, where there are some significant weed issues.    

The Group creating the soft-coir engineering erosion control device to slow water flow in the drainage line Photo: Council
The completed soft-coir engineering erosion control device Photo: Council
The soft-coir engineering erosion control device in action! Photo: Council

The Jackson Park Bushcare Group is friendly and co-operative and very much enjoys the satisfaction of improving their local bushland areas.

Don’t forget that a summary of your meeting details and Bushcare Officer is available on the main Bushcare site.