“Blue Mountains Geographical Encyclopaedia” – Brian Fox

This Park was conceived and donated by Joseph Jackson OBE, MLA.

First part of land donated to Council in 1933.

Between 1933 and 1949, Joseph Jackson donated land in this area to extend the Park.  The Corridor of Oaks commenced on 11 September 1934 when Joseph Lyons planted the first tree.



“The Katoomba Daily” – 12 October 1935

Faulconbridge News

Mr J Jackson MLA should no doubt feel well rewarded for the active enthusiasm he has shown for tree planting.  The recently-formed Jackson Park and Avenue at Faulconbridge now presents a magnificent sight of pleasant greenery which could not fail to bring joy to the heart of any garden enthusiast.

This pretty section of the village attracted a large number of visitors during last weekend and all were loud in praise of our local member’s effort at beautification.


“Nepean Times” – 4 January 1936

Faulconbridge – Working Bee

The picturesque little cemetery at Faulconbridge was the scene of much activity on Saturday last, when a working bee, arranged by Mr J Jackson MLA, assisted by his fellow trustees, was held.

The weather was fortunately fine during the working hours, and quite a lot of good work was done in making a new plantation, cleaning up the footpaths and putting the place in first-class order.

The trustees, Messrs J Jackson, J Campey, C Stephens, J Elkington and J A Reld, made very efficient gardeners, and were ably assisted by the villagers and visitors, amongst whom were Mr Harvey Campey and Mr J Cowan (Pymble) and Masters Jack Hall and Jim Heath.

Refreshments were dispensed during the afternoon by a committee of ladies, including Mesdames Jackson, Sheavse and Campey and Misses Jackson, Fanning and Reid.

Faulconbridge Cemetery is of historic interest as the last resting place of Australia’s statesman Sir Henry Parkes and members of his Family.  The Australian poet, Henry Kendall has written some lines on the beauty of this quiet spot, “beside the mountain lea”.


“The Katoomba Daily” – 30 September 1938

Faulconbridge Park

Mr J Jackson MLA has advised the Blue Mountains Shire Council that a further grant of £26 has been made for improvements at Jackson Park, Faulconbridge, by the Minister For Lands.


“Nepean Times” – 5 October 1939

Faulconbridge Women’s Association

Good work is being done by Faulconbridge Women’s Association, which was formed at a meeting held in the Methodist Church Hall, Faulconbridge on 29 July.

This Association, membership of which is open to all ladies of Faulconbridge and district, has as its main objects assistance of all needy cases, maintenance of Church Hall and property and organisation of local functions.  It is purely undenominational in character and aims at organising the ladies of the district with a view to arranging functions to raise funds to provide financial help where necessary in the district.

It is proposed to hold meetings monthly and these will take place in the Methodist Church Hall on the first Thursday in each month at 3.00 pm.  Membership fee is 6d per month.  The Officers of the Association are:  President, Mrs Erickson, Vice-Presidents Mrs Southwell and Miss Hardy, Secretary, Mrs Pozea, Treasurer, Mrs Davenport Jnr.

One of the first functions of the Association was the planting of an Oak Tree in Jackson Park, Faulconbridge, on 9 September.  It is proposed at a later date to donate a seat, which will be placed close to the tree.

A very successful community concert was held on Saturday, 30 September, which was organised by this Association.  The Chair was very capably occupied by Mr Hugh Chalmers.  The Conductor was Mr J Engisch of Springwood, while Mr Bert Engisch officiated at the organ.  The Hall was packed to capacity and the various songs were sung with much enthusiasm.  Mrs W Truelove, of Springwood, rendered several solos, which were greatly appreciated by the audience and encored.  Miss Betty Brown and Master Hugh Doggett also gave some most enjoyable items.  Mr Judge, of Springwood, was unfortunately unable to be present and sent an apology.  The proceeds of the concert are to be devoted towards providing comforts for soldiers.


“Nepean Times” – 26 December 1940

Faulconbridge Women’s Association

Proceeds from the recent pantry evening for canteen orders, enabled the Faulconbridge Women’s Association to send four canteen orders to the four Faulconbridge boys now overseas and more orders will follow after the next meeting in March.

The Secretary, Mrs Pozea, wishes to thank all who helped the Association in the last year. “Each member extends greetings to all”, she adds.

Members of the Association held an afternoon tea in the Methodist Church Hall on Saturday, 14 December. The guest of honour was the President of the Blue Mountains Shire, Mr A M Hodgson.

Three seats were handed over to Jackson Park by the President of the Association, Mrs Erickson – two from Mr Joseph Jackson MLA and one from Faulconbridge Women’s Association.

Mr Hodgson thanked those who gave the seats and said he was pleased to accept them on behalf of the Council.

It was regretted that Mr and Mrs Jackson were unable to be present.